Leon Price’s Reviews

  • My Introduction to Piano Book

    This was the first instrument I downloaded after discovering Piano Book on YouTube. I played the patch during a jam session to great reactions. Amazing warmth and character

    Claustrophobic Piano12 October 2021
  • Gets The Job Done

    Since acquiring this patch it has made regular appearances in the majority of my Dance tracks, perfect for the breakdown sections when you just need that warm weight in the low end. I roll of everything above 300k Adding side chain seals the deal, the most expensive sub in my entire bass collection.

    12 Oscillator Doom Drone12 October 2021
  • Work Horse

    Have used this in a few productions, works well stand alone or layered Cool Sample

    Closet Harp12 October 2021
  • Dusty Charm

    Considering this was recorded in a 5 min window this is a job well done, in fact the time constraint has given it its own charm!

    GZA Somerset Soft Piano14 October 2021
  • Unique UNIK

    The recording consistency of each note is top notch, I particularly enjoyed the natural ambience of the room. The GUI design is pleasing to the eye, and the parameters all lead you somewhere creative. A well executed example of what piano book stands for.. Good Job!

    UNIK04 November 2021