An old French upright piano with adjustable stereo width controls...

The story

UNIK is an old French upright piano.

On the wood, we can read :
“Ancienne Maison P. SCHOTT & Cie
70 Faubourg St Honoré, PARIS”

My parents got this piano from an old shed, in the French countryside, 70 miles from Paris.
The owner was looking for someone to give it to for free.
He told us that the piano had been used for 20 years at the train station pub and then for 15 years without being played in that shed..
That’s all we know.

My parents live in a old house, in a small French village and this piano has found its place in the family living room.
I recorded it in the middle of the afternoon, in spring, with two Oktava microphones.
You can hear the sound of birds through the bright window sometimes.
I think that’s what makes it unique.


PS : This is my first Kontakt sampling and scripting. And Sorry for my bad english, as you can guess, I’m French !


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