Phil Wallace’s Reviews

  • Instant fun

    Got inspirational sounds in seconds!!!!! Looking forward to playing with it even more. Loved the organy overtones at the top end. Instant rhythmic patterns. Brilliant. Even managed to get some Mongolian Throat Singing out of it. I don't have enough time in my life for this kind of fun!

    FOF Choir – Matrix13 October 2021
  • Heartfelt Humbling Harmonies

    Love the voice. Had to play around quite a bit with the 'ache' to get a smoother transition between notes. I think I might be missing some thing. I am not 'techy' so got a little frustrated at first. I can see this sounding awesome if some one with more knowledge than me spent time setting it up.

    Micah’s Choir13 October 2021

    Nice to have an instrument that's not very common. Just what I was looking for. Writing music for a folk group. Well done. Super with some reverb, look out Enya!

    Uilleann Pipes13 October 2021
  • Soaring the Andes

    Find the right register and this works lovely, some notes seem to trigger easier than others, might be my keyboard, a bit of tweeking and it sounds good.

  • solo swells

    Love the soundscape you can create especially using the extended range top register. Was trying to find how to have more control over the attack in a simple way, couldn't find an option for this. Could see me using this as a quick textural sound without having to faff around with finding a similar sound using a synth.