Oathr’s Reviews

  • Absolutely amazing sound

    It's a must have if you want to do calm and ambiant music. The sound quality is awesome, the mix between the violin and the flute bring a nice airy feeling. The instrument is sufficient on its own, you can write a beautiful peace of music without adding any effect maybe a reverb or instrument.

    Flute+Violin12 October 2021
  • Synth feeling analog

    The sound is really really good ! It feels like an old analog keyboard we love to hear. There is a lot of presets in this library, from arpeggiator to pads. It's perfect for retro music.

    Mellow FM12 October 2021
  • Deep metallic sound

    Perfect for sci-fi ambiance. This bowed bass gives you a nice metallic and majestic sound that will perfectly suitable for a scene of tension in a sci-fi movie, or for a wide shot on an immensity as proposed by Dune.

    Bowed Lovechild12 October 2021
  • Sounds lovely !

    This celeste do all you want a celeste doing. It's very delicate, with light hammer and pedal noises, a nice stereo and a great sound quality. A must have for lovely melodies.

    Confinement Céleste12 October 2021
  • Very Fragile

    It sounds very fragile. It can add instantly nostalgia in your track, with the characteristic tape noises and the hight filter. Love it.

    Dictaphone Loop Synth12 October 2021
  • The song of fire

    It's perfect for background texture. All those sparkles, the birds song and the main note like a soft flute or organ make it very inspiring. It sounds very woody and could be taken from the amazonian Forest. Gui is beautiful and there is a lot of control on the different layers.

    Fire12 October 2021
  • Sounds exactly like you need to

    This Rhodes library have a great sound quality, it's really efficient if you need something straight. In my opinion, it lacks of velocity response if you want to make it the main instrument of your track, but is perfectly usable. Anyway, Imitate the sound of a real Fender Rhodes is almost impossible.

    Matt’s Fender Rhodes12 October 2021
  • Old but still strong !

    This instrument have a great bass harmonics that make it sound very large and powerful, the sound quality is good and feels authentic. I like it, it's immediately makes me think of some sailors going on the infinite ocean, singing good old songs about the kraken.

    Mum’s Accordion12 October 2021
  • Don't be scared, it's pure gentleness and calm

    The sound quality is absolutely amazing ! From the lowest notes to the highest, it will create a soft and very delicate atmosphere like the misty forests of Christoph Berg - Paraphrases

    Scary Flautando Violin12 October 2021
  • Inspiration one million stars

    You just have to put you hands on your keyboard and hit random notes to become inspired. This instrument is amazing, the random instruments layers make it unpredictable and so satisfying to play. It will do magic with a little melody on every joyful music you will make.

    Serendipity12 October 2021
  • The taste of tension !

    This instrument, used with a lot of reverb will make the tension goes up in a second, with the col legno and random pizzicato sounds. It's like an army of violinists coming to you walking on tiptoe, or a nice rainy day below the trees.

    Soft String Spurs12 October 2021
  • Shiny shiny !

    In the highest notes, this instrument will give your song a real shiny layer, like crystal do. I use it with violins to get some high harmonics and make my mix brighter, love it.

  • Nice background bass sounding acoustic

    If you need a bass that's sound natural, not electric and that doesn't take all the intention, it's your perfect weapon. Tono is round but with the perfect amount of character to make your song sounding acoustic

    The Tono12 October 2021
  • Make your music breathing

    It's very light and kind of hard to use, but it can add to your sound an ambiant feeling, like a little breeze in your mix. I love to use it with piano or Rhodes like keyboard, everything is more warmer with it.

    Bowed Oven Rack12 October 2021
  • Light peaceful Piano

    It's pure, no too shiny, not too soft and it's a perfect for happy little melodies, nothing too sad. It's a very delicate piano without too much character that will be perfect with chamber strings

    Claustrophobic Piano12 October 2021
  • Perfect for adding details to a clean piano

    This library is a must have, for two purpose. 1. It can add life to any piano you have, with peaceful noises and hammer light hits. 2. It can be used standalone, with strings textures, with arpeggiator, to give to your music a soft rythme without strong main melody, a soft structure. I use it in every song that needs to be organic.

    Triple Felt Experiment12 October 2021