Oathr’s Reviews

  • Awesome Pipe organ, Best sound ever

    The sound is so beautiful !
    There are a lot of adjustements the let you craft the sound you like, from the a very soft organ to a majestic church organ.
    Thank you so much for this beautiful sample.

  • Sounds lovely !

    This celeste do all you want a celeste doing. It's very delicate, with light hammer and pedal noises, a nice stereo and a great sound quality. A must have for lovely melodies.

    Confinement Céleste12 October 2021
  • Perfect for adding details to a clean piano

    This library is a must have, for two purpose. 1. It can add life to any piano you have, with peaceful noises and hammer light hits. 2. It can be used standalone, with strings textures, with arpeggiator, to give to your music a soft rythme without strong main melody, a soft structure. I use it in every song that needs to be organic.

    Triple Felt Experiment12 October 2021
  • Inspiration one million stars

    You just have to put you hands on your keyboard and hit random notes to become inspired. This instrument is amazing, the random instruments layers make it unpredictable and so satisfying to play. It will do magic with a little melody on every joyful music you will make.

    Serendipity12 October 2021
  • Don't be scared, it's pure gentleness and calm

    The sound quality is absolutely amazing ! From the lowest notes to the highest, it will create a soft and very delicate atmosphere like the misty forests of Christoph Berg - Paraphrases

    Scary Flautando Violin12 October 2021