Nicodemus’s Reviews

  • Lost in the vibe

    So inspiring and playable. As a texture to support other instrumentation, this brings such a lovely vibey flavour. The transients and dynamic movement on the 'Col Legno' for example sit equally well under a sparse arrangement or punching through a denser mix. On it's own, equally useful as a feature instrument given the dynamic movement. Crazy that this is free, well done all!

    02 April 2022
  • Love an old acoustic

    Really useable sample pack from the ever reliable Cameron. Downloaded the freebie version, my first specifically for Decent Sampler (which is great by the way). Great tones, tasty FX and nice and simple spread of 'modes'. The sign of a good sample pack is if it immediately inspires you, which happened as soon as I booted up Stella in 'Fingerstyle'. Lovely stuff. It reminds me of a dulcimer instrument I have from Embertone, which I love. Great stuff - thanks VT!

    02 April 2022