JTN’s Reviews

  • So much fun

    Beautiful tool with loads of potential. You need to get out of the way of the instrument a little bit which seems to inspire new and different ideas. Gorgeous sound quality and a really fun instrument to play.

    Electric Sparkles04 January 2022
  • Amazing instrument

    Really gorgeous and inspiring sound. The pad is full of colours and evolving textures. A unique and useful sound.

    Arco Marimba: Calm/Flux23 February 2022
  • simple and inspiring

    This is a really beautiful instrument, and really inspiring to play. The pad when combined with the musicbox patch creates a lot of colours and potential. I've written a short demo which can be found here:

    Breitler Switzerland Music Box31 January 2022
  • A New Favourite

    This is a gorgeous instrument. Very intimate and warm. Very colourful and also delicate. Really inspiring and playable, and so great to have the mic options to blend and play with.

    Claustrophobic Piano02 February 2022
  • Instantly Inspiring

    This instrument inspired creative ideas immediately. Very colourful, and full of character. It can get noisy but that's kind of what I liked about it.

    Casio Slowed Tape23 February 2022