The story

This is a very simple instrument sampled from an old Casio synth. I wanted to try what would happen if I recorded the samples through my old Tape recorder, and then playing them back on a slower speed. I found the results to be very pleasant sounding and warm. Enjoy!

Reviews for Casio Slowed Tape

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  • Really Exellent

    A beautiful organic synth sound that is so usable, simple but perfect, what sampling is all about in my opinion.

    Sonder06 January 2022
  • Instantly Inspiring

    This instrument inspired creative ideas immediately. Very colourful, and full of character. It can get noisy but that's kind of what I liked about it.

    JTN23 February 2022
  • Lovely Pad !

    This is a really nice pad sound, especially with the the Attack set slow and a long Release. I used to own a CZ3000 many years ago and i'd forgotten how good they can sound in the right hands. My only niggles with this great contribution are that the background noise starts to add up when lots of notes are held and also regarding the UI - I personally found it hard to see the ADSR controls against the black and white background image.

    RobC6626 October 2021
  • Awesome Noisy Goodness

    This sounds really awesome. Its extremely warm, tapey and very noisy. I actually like how the noise sounds, i often layer noise ontop of sine bells and things like that for added interest. The Noise does build up very fast so maybe don't play too many notes at a time. If i had a complaint i would wish that the noise was kind of playing from the whole instrument and instead of being on each individual sample so it didn't build up with more notes. It also would have been cool to be able to control the noise. With that being said i still really like this sound and i might cut a bit of high end when i use it

    septemberwalk26 October 2021
  • Fast becoming one of my favourite samplists on PB...

    Jim has created another brilliant instrument out of a classic piece of hardware. Yes the samples are a little noisy, but its been recorded through tape and that's to be somewhat expected and also desired. The skill in the way it's been sampled and programmed however is really something. I am loving what Jim is putting out for us. Great stuff!

    R.Treves25 October 2021
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