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  • Poseidon's Pull - an "awakening" of sorts

    This library has a certain "wow" factor that is quite rare. I have spent an entire weekend just playing with Poseidon's Pull. The sounds and atmosphere in here is artful, musical, cultural. It's also intimate, cinematic, organic. And above all, it is challenging - it challenges you to to go beyond where you have been, to journey to those inner places of childhood memories when you experienced the world so much more intensely, with none of the filters we have as adults. This took me way back into my past, and also way out there to where I wish I could have been. Andrea, I bet you didn't know that your simple little library could evoke such feelings, emotions and memories. It is simply, wonderfully perfect. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Poseidon’s Pull20 June 2022