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  • Respons Hidde Pieters

    Hmm such a shame they removed all my 5 star reviews of this pack. Hidde, thank you fo for your review. But I have a few remarks. I just loaded the samples in Logic Sampler to listen to them, but I don't hear any hiss, using a pair of AKG K701's. In ESX24/Sampler the noisy start and end of the sample are not played. No noise reduction / gating was applied, other than setting the sample start/end in ESX24. The instrument is very dynamic and as such needs lots of headroom when recording. I spend a lot of time to get that right. There is no looping involved since that ruins the character of the sound. Like said there is leakage. Every blow hole has 4 semitones in it so it can be a bit drifty. Playing with the right technique and pitch wheel can make it very realistic. I just bought Kontakt, so I might make a version for that.

    vandengengel Harmonica14 October 2021