The story

I have a couple of wine glasses that are over 35 years old. Vintage in synthesizer therms. When filled with water and striking a finger over the edge a sinus wave is created. The base sound of many synths. I experimented with it and made a series of sounds. A lead sounds, kick’s, snares and this pad.

Reviews for Vandenhengel GlassPad

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  • Very nice textured glass library!

    I really like the sound of this instrument!!! It has a perfect sound of soft, ambient textured glass library. Simple but a lot of flexibility for this library.

    Asuka Amane30 October 2021
  • Gives me nice wind+brass vibes!

    This is is a very nice pad-like instrument that I personally really like. The sound quality is excellent for an ambient instrument, and the core sound signature really reminds me off brass insruments in the lows, and winds in the highs. You will only find one Wet/Dry knob that is really nice, but I personally think that ADSR controls would affect it very positively. In general the instrument is really nice, but it's a shame that it is only labeled as an EXS instrument, beacuse it is also offered in both Kontakt and DecentSampler.

    Alex Raptakis30 October 2021
  • Beautiful Synth/ pad

    I love these organic synth type sounds. The lower notes especially have a really nice kind of low end transient thump that i think sounds great. This will work great in organic house and downtempo. I feel that the higher notes dont have as much character as the lower ones because you dont get that soft thump. When you hold notes down you get a beautiful glassy modulation that sounds awesome. ADSR controls on the actual GUI would be really helpful here but overall this is really nice.

    septemberwalk08 November 2021
  • Great pure sounding pads!

    This instrument offers some excellent, playable, very pure sounding pads. I appreciate the clean recording and great editing in Kontakt. The samples are really long, and when they do loop, the loop points are imperceptible. Outstanding work here!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 28 October 2021