ddailey’s Reviews

  • Khaliji for an eastern flavor

    I write ambient music for relaxation and meditation and these percussion are the perfect "spice" I often need to add that something extra an arrangement needs. Like having a percussionist living next door.

    Chimes & More12 October 2021
  • A true workhorse

    Disclaimer: I am not a pianist. Disclaimer 2: I have not tried every single piano on Pianobook. BUT... I do use acoustic pianos in my mixes and often, even some paid pianos don't sound good in the mix. There is something about this one that just sounds great whenever I use it and find myself always coming back to it after trying others first.

    Grand Studio A12 October 2021
  • Unique instrument for sure

    This is a homemade instrument that sounds homemade. By that I mean, it doesn't sound like anything else. I have many synths and samples and this is in a category all it's own.

    The Radio Lyre12 October 2021
  • More glass than harp

    This is fairly simple, but useable sound. My favorite feature is that I can change to attack and get either a soft mallet attack or the classic "bowed" sound. Room and Reverb controls are subtle, but useful. Great for a dreamy solo instrument or useful in layered sounds.

    Glass Harp12 October 2021
  • Not so ODDsemble

    This ensemble has a very finite range but perfect, if used in the right setting. I would use this is soft and very intimate context.

    String ODDsemble12 October 2021