ddailey’s Reviews

  • Worth every penny!

    Excellent contribution to the library. Super useful with a diverse range of sounds and almost unlimited variety of sounds with the effects and mods. Thanks!

  • Truly Mystical instrument

    I have several projects going that this instrument will fit into perfectly. Only just started playing it and it's already one of my favorite Pianobook downloads. Thanks for you thoughtful and musical contribution.

  • Excellent Vibes pack

    I have quite as few Vibes libraries, both free and paid (premium) and this one sounds the most real to me. If it only had a basic set of staccato and sustained samples it would be great, but all the additional patches make it so much more versatile for a variety of musical styles. Thanks so much for this.

  • Something Special

    I started working with this and had to go and buy the full version. Worth every penny! Already starting composing with it. Every patch is useful.

    28 April 2022
  • Great library for "color"

    I love this library for it's all-around usability. These sounds have already found their way into more than one of my compositions in the past two weeks.

    Spring Chimes11 April 2022