Boag1’s Reviews

  • Exceptionally made, multi faceted pad sound

    Really pro sounding pad sound. Lovely attention to detail in the GUI offering varying amounts of pad timbres. It just sounds so good. Sometimes like a voice, sometimes like strings, sometimes like brass... I love it.

    Family Piano Pads11 October 2021
  • Really excellent recordings from tonnes of mics

    Beautiful piano to start with, coupled with exceptional recording leaves us with these incredible sampled instruments of which there are 10 options to choose from! Hard to fault this one.

    11 October 2021
  • Evolving, twinkling piano

    Natural sounding and organically changing ping pong delay style piano. The piano itself sounds beautiful and has been recorded extremely well so the rest is a bonus. You can use the piano unadulterated or with all the sprinkles and it feels like you have great control over your sound design with nice subtle effect level knobs.

  • Simple but really well executed

    An obviously wonderfully recorded piano with the added pleasure of being a strikingly unique sampled instrument. This is treated piano with real personality plus close and far mic positions. Love it!

    The Sneaky Piano11 October 2021
  • Really unique sounds that could prove useful

    Loads on offer here. A fantastic palette for sparking inspiration. Mini Harp in particular is a goody.

    10 October 2021