Boag1’s Reviews

  • Gnarly evolving texture

    Very interesting and successful sampling of a cow! The layout on the keys is sometimes surprising but this is likely to be used as a texture underneath something rather than be played as a lead instrument.

    Cow Pad12 October 2021
  • Abrasive and organic

    The lower register plus long release is likely to be my favourite use for this interesting vocal /alien texture. Definitely usable as a texture under something else.

    Hurum Pad12 October 2021
  • Guitar beautifully treated out of recognition

    Lovely droning organ timbres created. Sampled well to provide another set of pads for an interesting and unique scoring arsenal.

    Multiverse Mando Pads12 October 2021
  • Lovely playful take on a steel drum sound

    An already dynamic sound given extra treatments to create a playful palette for something different. No GUI but Reverse and Ambient options are enough.

  • From string like to organ like

    Diverse set of pads ranging from vexed string vibration sounds to really organ like. No GUI sparkle but choice between the pad options creates ample sound design capability.

    Resonator Pedal Pads12 October 2021
  • Cathedral feel to these organ like pads

    Beautifully sampled and treated creating a fantastically interesting and diverse set of 10 different pads. These really sing like a church organ.

    Steinway Pads12 October 2021
  • Beautiful natural cathedral sound

    Lovely natural reverb where this instrument was sampled. Possibly slightly lacking in intimacy in its personality due to this but can't fault this too much. Very pretty indeed.

    Cheltenham Chapel U312 October 2021
  • Exemplary sampled instrument

    Really beautifully sampled piano. I love it's timbre and it's playability. It does one thing extremely well. You can't get rid of the reverb but that's just part of this instrument. No knobs for tweaking on the GUI but then again you can't tweak a real piano eather.

  • A basic piano

    Something about it makes it lack life. Just doesn't feel real or personal to play. Not bad by any means though. I actually rather like the higher octaves.

    Muted Yamaha C711 October 2021
  • Does one thing well

    Fine pad sound with maybe a slightly limited frequency spectrum.

    Ultra Ambient Pad11 October 2021
  • Extreme variation in synthy wonder

    Interesting synthy number with extreme variation across its velocity layers. This makes the playability a little difficult but with a step input approach the velocities could be easily tamed and some rather cool textures created from this. I like...

    Cyclebox Fux Pad11 October 2021
  • Sweet gentle timbre

    Really lovely distinctive timbre to this felted piano. The high octaves retain a brightness while the lower octaves are thick and rich. Actually I love it.

    Jonah’s Felted Grand11 October 2021
  • Rather attractive bell like timbre

    Warm and gentle tones from a classic instrument. I feel all 70's and I don't mind a touch of hiss.

  • A new lease of life for a tiny toy

    A full 5 octave+ range from an 8 note toy can't be bad. The velocity layers give realistic character too plus mic options.

    Toy Glockenspiel11 October 2021
  • Fine sounding reed organ

    Sounds just like a n electric reed organ should. 2 Octave range with lower notes housing the single button chords... with fan noise to boot.

    Emenee Audion 180511 October 2021
  • Tasteful fluttering textures

    Rich and thick timbres with enough movement to create real drama. A unique instrument. Simple but sounds tastefully cool.

  • A rather in tune toy piano

    This sounds like a toy piano but has a pro feel to it. The tuning is great which often is not the case with toy instruments. You can actually get pretty expressive music out of this.

    Jaymar Toy Piano11 October 2021
  • As glocks go it's realistic

    If you're after a glock sound then this will do the job. No frills really but it's got velocity layers giving this instrument life and dynamism. I quite like it.

    Vintage Glockenspiel11 October 2021
  • Really excellent recordings from tonnes of mics

    Beautiful piano to start with, coupled with exceptional recording leaves us with these incredible sampled instruments of which there are 10 options to choose from! Hard to fault this one.

    Air Piano11 October 2021
  • Simple but really well executed

    An obviously wonderfully recorded piano with the added pleasure of being a strikingly unique sampled instrument. This is treated piano with real personality plus close and far mic positions. Love it!

    The Sneaky Piano11 October 2021
  • Quite pleasant sounding piano

    I quite like the timbre but, it needs more dynamic range or extra velocity layers to give it a realism it is lacking.

    Tatak – Felt Piano11 October 2021
  • Simple but affective strings wash

    Slow attack strings with a nice shiny timbre but nothing too special going on here. Could certainly be used as a bed for other sounds.

    Stradi Strings Soaked11 October 2021
  • Rather subtle Kalimba sound

    An intimate sound with a dynamic range I wasn't expecting. Well done

    David’s Kalimba11 October 2021
  • Evolving, twinkling piano

    Natural sounding and organically changing ping pong delay style piano. The piano itself sounds beautiful and has been recorded extremely well so the rest is a bonus. You can use the piano unadulterated or with all the sprinkles and it feels like you have great control over your sound design with nice subtle effect level knobs.

  • Interesting spacey pad sound

    Metallic, reverb drenched pad does conjure an otherworldly sense of space or outer space. Simple but highly affective.

    Moon Shot Pad Soaked11 October 2021
  • Standard bell like sound

    Simple bell like sound created from a tuning fork. Interesting overtones at very low octave. Ok, but easy to find bell sounds exactly like this.

    Koenig Electric Fork11 October 2021
  • Celeste like quality and toy like

    Well captured sound of a toy piano with a celeste-like quality. Not too subtle but perfect for halloween inspired soundtracks.

    Madeline’s Piano11 October 2021
  • Beautifully captured timbre

    Feels like you're in the room with the instrument. Beautiful low end richness of tone. I love the timbre of this piano. A worthy candidate for soundtrack music.

    Spring Piano11 October 2021
  • Darkly inspiring textures

    Lot's going on here in this dramatic, warped soundscape. The inclusion of a changeable sample start point, comprehensive ADSHR and effects creates superb control over your sound design.

    Asylum Grainular Piano11 October 2021
  • Nice wonky whurlitzer

    Nice simple collection of distinctive pad tones. Great that they offer combinations of multiple timbres recorded.

    The Farmhouse Pads11 October 2021
  • Spooky quality

    Really captures a mal-tuned toy piano in a creepy, 'Child's play' sort of way. Definite soundtrack instrument to instil terror if used well.

    Tatak – Toy Piano11 October 2021
  • Distinctive sound but certainly decrepit too

    Certainly usable if you're looking for something unique. Could add great interest within a mix.

    Decrepit Toy Piano11 October 2021
  • Entry level felted piano

    I do like the bright felted tone up high and the gentle warmth down low, though it would benefit from a little denoising and more velocity layers. Usable but not great.

    Lo-Fi Felted Linden11 October 2021
  • Exceptionally made, multi faceted pad sound

    Really pro sounding pad sound. Lovely attention to detail in the GUI offering varying amounts of pad timbres. It just sounds so good. Sometimes like a voice, sometimes like strings, sometimes like brass... I love it.

    Family Piano Pads11 October 2021
  • Good dynamic range across the octaves

    Really well sampled piano. Weight and warmth in the low end and bright, glassy tones at the top. I feel like I'm playing this piano. That's hard to do. Well done.

    English Classic11 October 2021
  • Superbly sampled with a rich dynamic range

    A 'lived in' old upright sound that I shall definitely use within my compositions. It has weight and dynamism at the bottom and the top of it's range which can be lacking in sampled pianos. Sterling Job!

    Weber Baby Grand Piano11 October 2021
  • Dreamlike warmth

    Lovely rich, warm felted sound slightly hampered by some noise artifacts as the notes are held. Certainly has it's own personality though.

    Bechstein C11811 October 2021
  • Bright tacky top end

    I liked the sound of the piano since it's initial release, and this Deluxe version it has improved it in a wonderful way. It retains it's slight natural honkytonkness but it's subtle enough. The brightness of the high octaves make this piano stand out as something I might use in the just right circumstance.

    Nordiska Piano Deluxe11 October 2021
  • Rather nice bright sound but with a bit of a lo fi honky edge

    I rather like the honkyish sound of the piano. It has real promise and may indeed be useful within a mix. I just wish it was recorded with less room noise and artifacts in places. I notice there's a subsequent 'Deluxe' version where I'm hoping these issues have been resolved.

    Nordiska Piano11 October 2021
  • Pleasant vintage sound with a touch too much hiss

    Sounds like a piano that's had a life. You can feel the age through the sound here. Quite a nice warm character but needs a fair amount of eq tweaking to solve the hiss created as notes stack up.

    Everett Upright11 October 2021
  • Quirky little toy

    If you're looking for a quirky toy piano sound then this does a great job. It's unique in the fact that it's multiple toy pianos overlayed, and there seem to be velocity layers which can add interest too.

    Toy Piano Ensemble11 October 2021
  • Weighty bottom end with a lovely softness and personality at the top

    Certainly useful in more gentle scores. The low octaves have a brilliant weight to them while mid to upper octaves retain this lovely characterful olde sound with rather nice string harmonics in places.

    The Lounge Piano11 October 2021
  • Dramatic sounding piano

    I love the overall quality of the sound, though it could do with a touch more top end frequencies. Also slightly unsure what the Dry On/Off switch is for as it just seems to switch the piano sound off and leave only the release trigger noises. Could be a usable noise I suppose...

  • Solid Piano with homely charachter

    Well recorded instrument with a characterful feel for an imperfect, vintage sounding upright piano.

    1911 Bechstein Upright10 October 2021
  • Gentle and emotional piano

    Lovely emotional piano. You may need a different piano to add brightness but it's sombre tone is seductive. Interesting GUi too with unusual options.

    The Quiet Piano10 October 2021
  • Ok old honkyish sound

    Quite nice at either end of the piano but lacking in any real emotion in the middle. Could be useful for some kind of historic setting piece.

  • It's title should be 'Soft Emotional Piano'

    I really like it's gentle and emotive touch. The playing experience is really pleasant. I don't always feel like I'm playing a 'piano' but with this one I do. Good work

    Yamaha U1 (1976)10 October 2021
  • Quite pleasant upright sound but needs tweaking

    The bottom and top of the piano are pretty nice and dynamic, though I find the middle a bit middly and different quality to other notes of the piano. Some samples are clipped off at their end but this can easily be rectified with use of the pedal. Quite nice and usable, but only in part.

    Family Piano10 October 2021
  • Warm pad with a bit of natural wobble

    Really distinctive pad sound I would defo use. Works well all across the octaves, possibly with some EQ applied towards the top.

    YO PAD10 October 2021
  • Ok but lacks dynamic range

    Ok old sounding piano but just lacks velocity layers I assume that might give it realism and dynamism.

    Ye Olde Piano10 October 2021
  • Wonky or Honky?

    Not convinced I'd use this due to the honky sound that isn't really honky enough. Just sounds like an old piano with nothing special going for it sadly.

    Wonky Piano10 October 2021
  • Extremely 'cool' sounds

    Distinctively different! Loads to choose from so really inspiring for the right soundtrack.

    Ice Choir10 October 2021
  • Warm sound but without velocity layers?

    Fine sounding felt piano but lacks inspirational heft due to single velocity samples? More than ok but un-remarkable.

    S.K.Y. Felt Piano10 October 2021
  • Kooky and well titled

    Not all notes do quite as expected which is how a prepared piano should react. I really like it. I'm inspired to find a use for it.

  • Shame about the weird noise at the end

    Wow the GUI is special! I like the sound but it's kind of unusable as a normal music box due to a weird artifact at the end of the sample. A bit of a shame. Could be useful so others I hope.

  • Dynamic muted harpish sound

    Really cool sound and I love the addition of Reverb and especially Harmony try -12. Sadly the GUI may be missing some elements... EQ knob? Image?

    Palm Muted Upright10 October 2021
  • Not convinced by the sound of the piano so the rest is moot

    Cool looking GUI but I wouldn't choose the sound.

  • Great effort

    Lovely looking GUI with beautiful effect called Warm, while Snow and Rev take things a little too far.

  • Wish it had more velocity layers

    Fine sounding piano but hindered by not having more velocity layers? to give it that dynamic personality.

    Winter Piano10 October 2021
  • Really unique sounds that could prove useful

    Loads on offer here. A fantastic palette for sparking inspiration. Mini Harp in particular is a goody.

    Dead Line Samples10 October 2021
  • Certainly sounds antique

    Fine sampled piano if you're looking for that old, slightly honkyish timbre. I like it though. The pad sounds are nice too.

    Antique10 October 2021
  • Three cheers for triple felt

    Sounds like you might expect a triple felted piano to sound. Warm and characterful with it's own distinct personality.

    Triple Felt Experiment10 October 2021