Gustavo Coutinho’s Reviews

  • Super detailed recordings

    I'm honestly amazed at the quality of this! All the recordings are super well done, the 3 different mics allow you to go from intimate to huge the dry mic is really dry!! and the playability is superb, especially in the snare - I wish the toms had some flams and rolls too. Everything you'd expect from a paid library, except... it's free!

  • Perfect for manipulation

    These strings are beautifully recorded and if you need your run of the mill long strings, the longs patch will do. Things get a lot more interesting to me at the low and lower drones - they are perfect for twisting and manipulating! The gate sequencer offered on those patches are also a very good addition, you can get some pulses going pretty quickly and they sound great! I recommend experimenting with some distortion as well as these drones seem to respond perfectly to it. Awesome stuff!