The story

Leaving the park and entering Elmstead Woods in south east London, I unlatch the gate and let it swing shut behind me: a symphony of squeaky harmonic richness.

Reviews for Woodland Gate

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  • Lots of potential with a very clunky UI

    First and most importantly, the sound of this instrument is lovely out of the box, and I can see it being used in many scenarios. The panning seems to favor the mostly the left side. You have to go really high on the range in order to see if it ever goes in the right side as a piano library usually does.

    In terms of playability, the choices made are a little weird. The expression is set to CC20 instead of 11 which is the most common, and the vibrato is set to CC71 instead of CC21, and the cutton is set to CC21, whereas it could be set to the CC1 since there is no dynamic layers included. When you try to change them you might be lucky to notice something weird. If you try to click or move a slider from below the "mid" height, it will grab the slider below instead.

    The GUI is nice though. I like the design but I'd definitely make some changes.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Another early Pianobook treasure

    A sonorous and surprisingly musical gate related sample instrument. One of those PB pleasures where you can lose hours fiddling about with the sliders and stuff.

    Consterdine12 October 2021
  • Gate Pad; No Gate

    Great pad sound with a lot of flexibility. Great sound design tool to add to your arsenal. Layer with strings or piano. Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021
  • Not as fond of this as other metallic pads

    Im not as much a fan of this as other metallic pads on the site. Usually with these kind of pads the metallic sound is happening in the high frequencies and the tonal pad is happening below it. This usually gives a clean pad sound with an interesting sparkle on top. With this one though the metallic sound is happening all throughout the frequency spectrum. This leaves t feeling a bit messy for me, espicially for chords. This pad definitely has more bite than most pads on the site which might be perfect for you but im personally just not super into it even though it does sound cool. The GUI is also well designed and functional

    septemberwalk12 November 2021
  • Wie Geht's?

    Once you reconnect the samples --this was saved with absolute paths -- you're treated by a cute and useful GUI. This sound is pure and it 'blooms' slightly as you hold notes. Like most metallic based samples, this instrument has a lot of inharmonic overtones. It's not too bad if you're playing 1-2 notes at once, but they rapidly pile up if you try playing chords, and then this library is less usable. Still, if you're looking for sounds similar to a bowed metallic sound, this might just be the library for you!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 04 November 2021
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