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5 Years Ago, the first time I’ve laid my hands on the keyboard of my Wurlitzer 200A, I was so surprised, even without any electricity, the notes of the piano were hearable, unlike a Rhodes, you can perfectly hear what you play, the mechanisms are loud but the tines are really sweet, sounds a bit like a xylophone. As I recently needed a clean version for a short movie I’m working on, I have recorded this instrument in stereo with two Neumann KM184 through a Neve 1073. It is in 48kHz, 24-Bit and there’s 3 dynamic layers + 2 Round Robins. Not all the projects will sound great with it, but anyway, somewhere, sometime, it could be useful to someone, Have Fun !

– 3 Presets
– Volume knob
– Attack knob
– Reverb knob
– Recorded in 48kHz, 24-Bit
– 3 dynamic Layers
– 2 Round Robins
– Noise Reduced

Here’s a demo.


Reviews for Unplugged 200A

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Unique and Beautiful

    I really love this library! It is so inspiring and unique - certainly not for every project but it is a nice color in your palette of sample libraries.
    What i love the most is the combination of the key noises and the tones.
    The gui is very good too - not to overloaded and ver clear. It underlines the overall mood of this library.

  • A simply lovely instrument!

    This is a trully wonderful and unique e-piano sound with a very cute aesthetic to it. It sounds truly good to me, and it plays amazingly well too. The sampling quality sounds pristine to my ears, though the lower you go, the more you will start noticing that the harmonics overtake the actual fundamental pitch, but it's definitely not a dealbreaker, as everything else about this instrument is extremely well done. The playable range is very big anyway.

    You might easily miss it, but there are some well designed options in the GUI too, and that's volume, attack and reverb, along with 3 different presets for quick access to the creator's choices.

    I really recommend this to everyone who is looking for a different, and high quality keyboard sound.


    Alex Raptakis26 December 2021
  • Simple and clean

    It's somewhere between a piano and a vibraphone, quite unique and a great sound. I can see it sitting very well slightly hidden in a composition providing a bit of interest or perhaps contrast. I definitely don't have anything like it until I found this well-recorded instrument.

    Giles M15 August 2022
  • Love that Transient Thump

    This is such a characterful electric piano. I love that transient thump you get from hitting the note. It Adds so much realism and character. The downside of this is once you start getting to some of the lower notes, the pitch of this thump might not match the pitch of the note. It would also be really nice to have control over the volume of these thumps because although awesome, I think sometimes they could be too loud. Never the less i still love this and could definitely see myself using it. It also sounds amazing through delay because of those organic characteristic. The tone of the instrument is also awesome and very dynamic which is important to me.

    septemberwalk25 December 2021
  • Really unique sound!

    Oooo! I really like this library! The sound is really cool and very unique. it's both well recorded and inspiring. A few of the notes in the upper dynamic register could have been trimmed a little tighter in the wave editor (this results in a little timing slop), but overall this sound is exceedingly playable. I love that this was recorded dry so that I can apply effects to taste. This is a really fun sample pack, and I'm sure it will inspire me for months to come!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 May 2022