The story

Toy Piano Ensemble

A collection of 3 toy pianos, played simultaneously by humans

Two velocities – loud and louder. No release triggers included.

This was fun – we took our three toy pianos together, recorded them in unision.

You’ll hear a nice stereo spread and this is a joy to play.

Sampled, edited and Kontakt’ed by:

Ted Kocher, Anthony Caruso, Scott Bergstrom, Nick Mastroianni, Chris Rossetti and Tao-Ping Chen on March 26, 2019.

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  • A perfect sampling example

    This insturment might be about toy pianos, but let me tell you the quality is top-tier. There is absolutely ZERO noise in the samples, it has proper dynamics, it has good range - especially considering the fact these are small piano toys, AND it has an amazing character that can fit in both cute and terrifying situations. Absolutely perfect job. I wish I could give it 5 stars but the complete lack of GUI can't let me do that.

    Alex Raptakis20 October 2021
  • Really unique Toy Piano

    I was starting to get a bit tired of toy piano libraries since they all sound really similar and awesome. As its named, this is multiple toy pianos playing at once. Its also really cool cause theyre not just programmed ontop of each other, theyre acctually played by different people. The toy pianos stacked up together creates a really cool slightly dissonant vibe and adds a lot more character than just playing a melody on a single toy piano. It spreads out the sound and creates a bit of a feathering idea from the slight time differences. This is an awesome idea and i would love to see this concept implemented with other instruments too

    septemberwalk15 November 2021
  • A unique approach to toy pianos

    These sparkling, delightful little toys were actually played by humans, more or less in unison. The range of two octaves and a fifth is appreciable, and the dual dynamic layers aid in making this instrument playable. I did notice that I had measurable difficulty consistently triggering the lower velocity layer, and further that the upper dynamic layer had a certain over-compressed harshness about it. Reducing the volume of that layer within Kontakt seems to alleviate that, and adding a little lowpass filtering seemed to solve the issue entirely. This is a cute, endearing, creepy, and possible haunting library depending upon the use, but it is at the same time exquisitely playable and fun!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 07 November 2021
  • Quirky little toy

    If you're looking for a quirky toy piano sound then this does a great job. It's unique in the fact that it's multiple toy pianos overlayed, and there seem to be velocity layers which can add interest too.

    Boag111 October 2021