Toy Grand Piano

Raw, imperfect inspiration from a Toy Grand Piano...

The story

A few years ago my kids were gifted a toy piano for Christmas, and at this point I’ve probably spent more time playing it than they have. I enjoy the way it rings out and the mechanical sounds of pressing each key.

I recently became interested in learning to script in Kontakt, and I thought this was a good project to start with. I wanted to capture the raw, imperfect quality of the instrument while also providing a way to quickly manipulate the sound. I created six modules where you can control release samples, pitch shift, filters, chorus, delay, and reverb. For instance, pitching the notes an octave down, adding some low pass filtering, chorus and reverb quickly creates a cinematic feel.

I recorded three round robins in three dynamic levels, and three round robins for the releases in two dynamic levels.


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  • A cute little pack, with a lot of attention to detail

    This is a limited sample instrument, only cause of the instrument that was sampled no duh. But because of the limited samples, a lot more attention to detail was put into adding more and more to the final product. The gui is phenomenal, the additional options provided add so much difference in sound quality, this is "THE" Toy Piano sample instrument. That being said, because its a Toy Piano sample instrument, it has a limited range of uses, but that forces composers to be more creative, which is always highly encouraged regardless.

    Murph Elyria12 October 2021
  • Useful Toy

    I can see where this sample pack would have its uses. The sound could be more inspiring, and the GUI- which is incredible by the way- increases the playability. The noises of the releases and the tuning is a little bit left-field for my taste, but I suppose that is what you get with a Toy Piano!

    Angus Roberts-Carey11 October 2021