TJ’s U-Bass

An Emulation of the humble 'U-Bass'/'Ukulele Bass'.........

The story

I was dabbling about with my Aklot Fretless U-Bass (Ukulele Bass) and I was quite surprised that this unique instrument hasn’t got a virtual emulation of it yet! The overall aim of this virtual instrument was to capture all of the ‘quirks’ and noises that I loved, that usually musicians prefer to keep out of recordings. The way I thought about the instrument was that it sounded like a cross between an electric bass and an upright bass. I feel the combined Pure DI signal and Close-miked signal in my recording chain, created the perfect blend that captures the distinct character of this charming; yet fun instrument.

Samples included are: DI & Miked individual notes (Open String, Minor 3rd, 5th and Octave on each string, E, A, D, G)

Acoustic Noises including: String Slaps, String Mutes/Attacks and String Slides.

Sample Placement:
C1 – C#1 — Wooden Body Hit
D1 – D#1 — String Slaps
E1 – G3 — Main Instrument
G#3 – B4 — String Slides

This is my very first custom sampled instrument, so I don’t think it’s an exact emulation of the instrument. But; I think it’s a start on my ‘sampled instrument making’ journey as a musician!

Have Fun!

Travis Glover
Insta: @travisgloverpianist


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  • Great Sound

    I really like the way this has been recorded with the signals combined.
    Putting it thru Logic's Fett compressor gives it a real kick btw :)
    Overall I think it is a unique and useful sample library, thanks for sharing.

    Alex Beckhelling09 March 2022