The story

I was dabbling about with my Aklot Fretless U-Bass (Ukulele Bass) and I was quite surprised that this unique instrument hasn’t got a virtual emulation of it yet! The overall aim of this virtual instrument was to capture all of the ‘quirks’ and noises that I loved, that usually musicians prefer to keep out of recordings. The way I thought about the instrument was that it sounded like a cross between an electric bass and an upright bass. I feel the combined Pure DI signal and Close-miked signal in my recording chain, created the perfect blend that captures the distinct character of this charming; yet fun instrument.

Samples included are: DI & Miked individual notes (Open String, Minor 3rd, 5th and Octave on each string, E, A, D, G)

Acoustic Noises including: String Slaps, String Mutes/Attacks and String Slides.

Sample Placement:
C1 – C#1 — Wooden Body Hit
D1 – D#1 — String Slaps
E1 – G3 — Main Instrument
G#3 – B4 — String Slides

This is my very first custom sampled instrument, so I don’t think it’s an exact emulation of the instrument. But; I think it’s a start on my ‘sampled instrument making’ journey as a musician!

Have Fun!

Travis Glover
Insta: @travisgloverpianist


Reviews for TJ’s U-Bass

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  • Great Sound

    I really like the way this has been recorded with the signals combined.
    Putting it thru Logic's Fett compressor gives it a real kick btw :)
    Overall I think it is a unique and useful sample library, thanks for sharing.

  • Acoustic bass with plucky attack

    This is a fairly simple acoustic bass instrument that is characterized by its very prominent attack, and it also comes with some percussive hits, slaps, and a whole section with performed slides. It's fun to play and the sampling quality is very good.

    As a sidenote, I have to mention that all the files have been included twice, so the size is doubled for no reason. Feel free to delete the two compressed folders located at the root folder.

    Alex Raptakis23 May 2022