The story

Yoyos have always been so popular, but lately they’ve been massively popular on Instagram tiktok and YouTube.
They had lots of new modifications from the desgin, shape and the spinning time.

So I got back to yoyoing after a very long time and when I started learning new tricks i always ended up hitting the yoyo on the floor or on the wall.

and because it’s made out of metal alloys like aluminium or titanium it rings.

So I recorded some samples using my zoom h6 hitting the yoyo with a stick and recorded the yoyo spinning, and from those samples I designed and made this massive atmospheric library for decent sampler.

The layout:

You have 4 layers and every single layer can be controlled by:
1. On/Off switch
2. Volume
3. Panning
4. Attack
5. Release

Main controls:
1. Volume (you can control it with the mod wheel)
2. Reverb
3. Size
4. Delay
5. Time
6. Chorus
7. And low pass filter

Hope you enjoy it.
And let me know if your use it to make music.
Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Please reach out to me via Instagram, twitter or soundcloud and youtube to check my work and music @Georgeyazbek91
Video link


Reviews for The YoYo

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  • Character
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  • Fantastic

    Love this sound.

    TREX6324 February 2023
  • amazing

    Very clever. I look forward to using this sample library!

    Jon28 February 2023

    es una maravilla,gran creatividad muy buen sonido para experimentar

    vicente jose10 October 2023
  • Damn bro

    This is amazing. Thank you!

    Easily my favourite sound yet.

    Benconroy1007 November 2023
  • Ice and snow on a sunny day

    You think this is just a YoYo? It looks like one, but it's really an ice machine! This frosty instrument sounds like a walk through a cold winter landscape on a sunny morning. If you look closely, you can see the ice crystals shimmering in the sun.

    Love it! Thanks for this!!!

    Sam18 January 2023