The story

Just before Christmas, my father and I went hunting at some antique shops for a unique present my dad could give my mother. We do this every year and I always go with my father since I have a good eye for presents to give to others. While hunting around I stumbled on this old mandolin buried and under a cabinet. It has certainly seen a lot of use but the price was fantastic and it came with a bunch of accessories. Against my better judgment I decided I had to have it. The end result is this sample library. As always, I hope you all enjoy and if you make anything interesting with this or just want to message me about this vst, feel free to reach out.

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Reviews for The Vintage Japanese Mandolin

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  • Characteristic Amazing

    Really like how rich it sounds, and takes to directly to that different culture. Great job.

    Daud Gill19 March 2024
  • Very Nice!

    Awesome sound set! Thank you for all your hard work!

    ZevenZora22 March 2024