The Plucked Harmonics Cello

Beautifully recorded plucked cello harmonics....

The story

“The Plucked Harmonics Cello” is the second part of my Cello series. I recorded five round robins and release triggers. The instrument has a note range from C2 to C5. You can control reverb, delay, cutoff, saturation, attack and the volume of the releases in the performance view. If you are further interested in the story of me and my cello, go check out “The Short Harmonics Cello” in my profile.


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  • I'm not really a fan

    The sounds themselves are well sampled, but everything is SO QUIET, even with the kontakt volume being all the way up by default. There are absolutely no dymamics at all, so you can only play at a medium velocity. Werdly enough, I like the GUI. The instrument offers Releases - which is the release sample volume, Attack, Saturation, Cutoff, Delay and Reverb. While I initially liked the seeing the saturation knob, I realised that it is very subtle, but the noise added is not really worth it. The release sample was also not preferable to me, but I am glad there is the option to fully control the volume of it. Nevertheless, this might be your sound, you never know!

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021