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The Lobby Piano is a small grand piano in a lobby. I originally recorded said piano for The Lobby Piano Omnisphere library and ever since it’s release I have had plans to go back a record more from said piano.

I have been unable to do so due to Covid restrictions, so I decided to go through the material I already recorded and find the most interesting sounds from there. I chose 10 different styles and techniques from the original recordings.

As nothing was recorded chromatically I had to construct the samples for each of the 10 techniques with sound design trickery. Each of the 10 techniques is now “recorded” in triads for a chromatic range with 4-5 velocity layers, no round robins.

So there is very little naturally recorded material in this piano. This is not a complete piano, but a colours and flavors type of additional piano.

Man Makes Noise The Lobby Piano Playable Techniques - Trailer

The Lobby Piano Playable Techniques review by ThomC


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  • Very Nice Sound

    Captured perfectly, the reverb has natural resonances that make this instrument ideal for a lot of different styles and uses. Great job!

    sdelgo25 December 2021
  • An incredible achievement in piano sound

    I can't begin to explain how good this instrument is. It's extremely well made, with great attention to detail, excellent design and, most importantly, it truly unique and great sounding.

    There are 10 different techniques that can be layered in any way the user wants. All of them have something different to offer and they sound absolutely amazing, both separately and blended.

    The only small thing I found is that there is some white noise in the top velocity layers found in some of those techniques. It can be avoided though so it doesn't really take away from anything.

    Extra points for the implementation on SFZ and DecentSampler. It's an amazing opportunity to have access to such instruments completely for free. Highly recommended to everyone, without a doubt!

    Alex Raptakis26 December 2021
  • Fantastic out-of-the-box piano sounds!

    This is great stuff. Being able to dial in the different recorded sounds gives a wide array of different timbres and textures. The only reason I didn't leave a full 5-star review is because some of the notes are a bit louder than the others, such as the Bb1. Other than that, it's awesome!

    Sidney Black25 January 2022
  • Awesome instrument

    I never used such an interesting take on a piano instrument before. Sounds awesome and is super fun to play.

    mrzo25 December 2021
  • This is really fun to play and explore with!

    The colors of the more percussive plucked sources mixed tastefully with the piano makes this one very unique. Thanks for making this!

    Geoff Ereth08 February 2022
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