The Ghanbari Sessions

Staccato violins played by Bahman Ghanbari....

The story


When I composed the music for the third season of Johan Falk back in 2014, I needed special staccato violins for one of the opening songs.
Because I knew what I needed, we only sampled what was necessary. The criterion was that they should be tempo synced and it was enough that they were sampled in one octave. However, I wanted the opportunity to play one, two, three or four unison violins in the same patch. The violin is played by Bahman Ghanbari.
You can hear the Kontakt instrument in this song.



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  • A nice dry library of ostinatos

    These almost purely dry patches feature different kinds of ostinatos for you to create your own sequences. Dry doesn't mean bad - In contrast, I beleive that for strings it means good if done properly, and this is a good example of how to do it. The more dry the string instrument is, the more character and texture you will get from it. Then you will be able to shape it the way you want, but in this one you will need your own resources because it offers no settings at all. In some cases, you can hear where the loop happens, but it's barely noticable. The samples also don't sync together, which means you can create chaos easily, but if done with care, you can turn it into wonderful shimmery sequences. If played perfectly on time, the result is fantastic!

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021