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Originally recorded by me of a performance by Ed Hoffman using his triangle. I used a generous amount of FX on it to create this unworldly sound.

The Bells of Woodland Heights


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  • Exactly what I've been trying and failing to achieve!

    This is exactly what I've been missing for years; the evocative, brilliant sound of those high, meditative bell/chime/bowl accents in Lamb's "Soft Mistake"!

    I absolutely love that piece (and the whole "fear of Fours album, for that matter), to the point that I've been trying to recreate its sound world since before I started making music of my own.

    These "bells" contain the sound and the space that is helping me tie it all together, and that is unfortunaly more than I can say for anything inside the 3000€ plus investment I've made into instrument libraries in the last three years, because I've realized that I do not like the attitude or sound aesthetic, or whatever you might call it, of contemporary media composition. That perhaps also explains why other reviewers and perhaps you will not find it very useful. I however hope there's lots more of this to come!

    Herfinnur Árnafjall18 November 2021
  • Very in your face and a-lot of reverb.

    Since I'm generally a fan of darker more chill music, these bells seem very bright and jarring to me. No doubt they have their uses, i think they could be cool for scoring but i can't see myself using them in what im working on now. Also as everyone has been saying they are extremely wet with no way to change this so you're stuck with that wether you like it or not. The bells are very resonant, you might like this or not like it depending on your taste. Good job but more controllability would make this more usable

    septemberwalk01 November 2021
  • Waaaaaaay too much reverb...

    With that much processing and reverb on an instrument, having controls to change it are a must, but this instrument unfortunately doesn't have any. I could see how this would be useful and interesting in a competition, but until it's saved from the ocean of reverb that it's currently drowning in, you probably want to steer clear.

    Christopher26 October 2021
  • Very wet, resonant and kinda noisy bells

    That's pretty much it. The sound is great, but unfortunately their resonance can be quite overwhelming in many cases, so you will need to keep that in mind. In higher velocities you will also hear some noise that sometimes lasts very long, and sometimes is nonexistant. The range is about 2 and a half octaves and there are no options to play around, so all you have is this very wet sound that may be very hard to deal with.

    Alex Raptakis30 October 2021
  • Very clangorous

    I wish I knew what this sample was like without the copious amount of reverb which are permanently applied to it. There might be a use for these samples then, but they are so drenched in reverb that they're all but unusable to me, at least, which is a shame, because I know how much care and effort Larry puts into recording these samples. I'd sure love to see a dry version where users could apply reverb to taste.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 26 October 2021