The Almost Cool Recorder

Recorder sampled close and run through an amp....

The story

Yes, The Recorder. Some call it the “gateway instrument”, as it will hopefully lead the budding music maker off to more exciting sonic landscapes. But few recover from hearing 20 kids playing in unison all in their own respective key! Nonetheless I thought I would pay my respect to it as it may have gotten a bad rap. I recorded up close with a 57 through a Neve 1073. I re-amped through an old Fender Princeton and a Tube Screamer and an Electro Harmonix Memory Man. Kind of a primitive approach… almost cool.


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  • Waves of Recorder goodness

    What a lovely sample pack. You'd probably not guess that the source material was a recorder if you hadn't known. The processing is great and unique, and Joshua has created another winner with this highly playable and inspirational pad!

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021
  • Another warm pad

    I like this for a unique delay! I could not tell it was a recorder, can be used as an ambient pad.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Not cool, but very warm instead!

    The title of the instrument is misleading. I wouldn't call this cool either, but I would call it very damn warm. Whatever you play with it creates a very wholesome feeling that will do justice to your soundscapes. Opening the instrument will only show you an image of a recorder in a halftone cover. Other than that, there is nothing else to be found. No ADSR controls, no effects, nothing. It's pretty playable and the quality is decent. You might be able to listen some veeery low overtones, but I bet that's something that can be removed with some slight EQ.

    Alex Raptakis14 October 2021
  • Shiny shiny !

    In the highest notes, this instrument will give your song a real shiny layer, like crystal do. I use it with violins to get some high harmonics and make my mix brighter, love it.

    Oathr12 October 2021