Terrible Toy Piano

A kids piano sampled with an iPhone perfect for a horror soundtrack

The story

The terrible toy piano is sampled from a four key kids piano found on a flea market. It’s not the best sounding instrument, but what it lacks in sound it makes up in character.
The samples are recorded with an iPhone and consist of one playable octave based on a flex pitched samples, three harmonic sounds and around 15 clickety-clack noises.
I can imagine it being used in horror soundtracks or used in soundfx. Let me know how you’ve used it 🙂

A horrible tune on the Terrible Toy Piano


Reviews for Terrible Toy Piano

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  • More of a sound effects instrument

    While this is indeed a toy piano, it comes with more sound effect samples than the piano itself, that's not necessarily a bad thing!

    The piano itself is just one octave long, and it does have a nice compressed character to it. You might want to keep it very short though, because if you hold the notes for anything other than a staccato, you will get some background noises.

    Along with the piano you get some awesome sound effects, which sound very clicky, mechanical and super satisfying. They are interesting just by themselves!

    In addition, the GUI offers an attack, delay and chorus knob, which by distorting the pitch, can make these cute animals seem very trippy and horrifying. Try to play around with those effects, I'm sure you will find it very interesting.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022