The story

“Percussive violin remnants”: that’s what this kit contains.
I struggled to find just the right sounds to percussively accompany softer, you may say “more intimate” music. Drums and “big percussion” are easy to find, but what about its counterpart?… I ended up reaching for an old, broken violin, I had in the very back of my room. It has no bridge, and is completely unplayable, with only the E string remaining, holding some tension. And I found the sound of this violin’s body to be the percussion instrument I was just missing. I collected soft percussive wooden sounds and “sFx” from various parts of this violin (and also from the side of my piano) and put them into a keyboard-wide single SFZ instrument. Looking at it now, it’s a simple collection of sounds, in the spirit of “musique concrète”.

Reviews for TCIPk – Tiago Cunha’s Intimate Percussion kit

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  • Subtle yet useful percussion

    Like the sample pack's creator, I've found it difficult to source premed soft percussion sounds of indeterminate origin. Something that gives you the sense of percussion without attracting attention to itself, and something that might go unnoticed. Maybe even sounds that you can't identify even once you've noticed them. This sample pack ticks all the right boxes. It's not loud or flashy, but its dead useful. I just wish it was available in Kontakt.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 19 October 2021
  • Very Suitable

    Just like you said in your description these percussion could work really well in more intimate setting where big drums won't work. As Alex mentioned most of them favor the left side so maybe that's something that could be fixed. The sounds themselves are pretty organic and nice and i always love little rolls and phrases in these kinds of libraries. Interesting concept and good job overall

    septemberwalk04 November 2021
  • Like a Volvo

    I can totally understand the reasoning behind this pack - if I never hear another super-maga-taiko-disaster-kit it may still be to soon. As others have said these come pre-panned and definitely suffer from a little "room sound" that's audible in some of the samples - which is always difficult to get rid of when sampling short percussive sounds if the room isn't really dead. But that's ok because most use cases of these will see some sort of reverb added - so my approach would be to "mono out" the channel they're on in my DAW and then added reverb to taste - even if it's only the tiniest amount of a small room - which will then blend with any pre-existing ambience, which will then "disappear". A thoughtful, useful pack. Oh, and if you want it in Kontakt format and still have a working copy of v5 then "sfz" libraries can be converted into Kontakt ones.

    Mark Lord04 November 2021
  • Interesting sounds, with some minor issues

    This pack contains some interesting percussive sounds, that you might find interesting. They are a bit on the noisier side, but generally not easily noticeable in percussion anyway. I found that the samples are panned mostly to the left, which is something to consider when mixing. I personally tried adjusting it but some noises in the stereo field made it sound a little artificial for my taste. Perhaps it would be a cool idea to use some kind of processing in order to make it work as cool SFX.

    Alex Raptakis22 December 2021