Takamine Ac Guitar

Easy to use, bright sounding strings sampled from my trusted Takamine acoustic guitar. Perfect for quick sketches or rhythmic parts like arpeggios....

The story

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When I was thinking of a quick sketch for acoustic guitar I was left with loops and pre recorded vst instruments. I wanted more freedom in writing but I was lacking of a decent guitar library. Just out of curiosity I taught myself to create my first sample pack and come up with a taylored vst instrument. It was a geeky process to be enjoyed. After my producer friends did partake in a beta test I embraced their feedback and added additional velocity samples along round robins. I recorded all notes individually and stopped for tuning. No digital pitching was done here, all natural! I used this patch for embellishing orchestral compositions and the bright sound blends in really nice. I would not recommend this instrument for a blues song, but as long as you keep playing arpeggios or legato notes I reckon this free instrument serves well.


Reviews for Takamine Ac Guitar

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  • A simple acoustic guitar

    This is a fairly simple barebones guitar instrument that plays well and offers a very familiar sound signature. The 3 playable octaves along with some dynamics offer nice playability, and the sampling is good, with some very minor noise in the background that won't be audible in the context of a mix.
    Note: The included snapshots didn't work for me, and the sample files have been included twice for no reason, so be sure to delete the ones outside the instrument folder.

    Alex Raptakis06 February 2022