The story

This is the free sample library “Stringy Thingy” made by Larry Seyer.

It is one low ‘E’ guitar note twisted, contorted, and mangled into something completely new

It requires the free Sforzando VST sample library player made by Plogue to use it.

This library contains 3 patches:

Plucky Ducky (Dry)
Plucky Ducky (FX
Ethereal Pad



Reviews for Stringy Thingy

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  • A simply and nice thingy!

    Larry has prepared a nice little instrument thingy that comes for free via the very simple and easy to use Sforzando sampler. While the sampler itself is very restricted, you will find 3 different patches that contain different kinds of singatures, as written in the description. My favourite is by far the Ethereal Pad, which is simple and beautiful, just what you need in order to start sculpting a nice ambience for your imaginary worlds.

    Alex Raptakis30 August 2022