The story

I recorded an accoustic guitar I found on the street, bowed with just 2 (fresh new) strings over a violin bridge. Kind of like a poor mans cello.
The idea was to create a cello like sound, but different, maybe more raw, more gitty, but still beautifull.

In this case it’s just one string, recorded using 2 samson C01.
I then cleaned up the sound, streching and looping it, EQ, added effects like shimmer reverb, filters etc. to make this sound.

For me it works realy well using one note low as an drone and play slow notes higher up. Simple but effective… and quiet a dark feel.


Reviews for Stringbow

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  • A heartfelt drone

    This rich pad sound retains its unique woody yawn even as you turn down the filter cutoff. I think it shines brightest with the filter all the way up; the bow emotively varies in pressure and speed, and holding down a chord produces a rolling boil of harmonics. The programming here is a work of real efficiency: only three samples and under 400 kB of RAM usage. No-brainer download.

    bgsulz18 May 2023