Static Felt Violins

A 100-year old violin played in a tremolo style with multiple mutes....

The story

Static Felt Violins is a first serious sampling venture of mine.

It’s my 100-year old violin prepared with standard mute, felt mute (a mic vocal sponge) and tin foil on each string played (and layered) with fast tremolo.

The sound was incredible when I gave it a go, and I’d play more often with it if it wasn’t for the hassle of preparing the violin each time, hense why I sampled it.

With splosh/delays etc it can be quite other-worldly.


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  • Dry perfection!... kind of

    This is pretty much as dry as it can get. You get the sound of the actual instrument to shape it as much as you want. The problem is that there is no customization inside the patch, so you have to rely on what you have at your disposal. Nevertheless, this might be the best violin recording I've heard so far in pianobook - but sadly, there are some clickly release noises every now and then. I wish this was perfect! I will be waiting for an update!

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021