St. Kathrin’s Bell

The unspectacular but cozy sound of St. Kathrin's churchbell in Gelting in Northern Germany packed in a Samplepack for classic bellsounds or experimental drones.

The story

Gelting is a small village in Northern Germany near by Flensburg and the Baltic Sea. I spend a few days there and I immedeatly liked this little church in the neighbourhood called St. Kathrin. I recorded the bell with my Zoom H5. The recording was not perfect and noisy. But anyway, I tried to make an instrument out of it.
While editing the wavefile I discovered, that there was a clear clicksound from the clockwork before the bell began to ring. I decided, to use it for the instrument too. You can add and tune it independantly from the tuning of the bell. By the way: the original tuning of both bell and clockwork is on E2. You can listen to it at the beginning of the soundcloud demofile. As a third layer I added a looped bell for some drones. You can also tune it independantly from the original bell.
Maybe you’ll have some fun – maybe with simple bell sounds, maybe with experimental drones, maybe with both. Try long reverb and pitch wheel. Enjoy!


Reviews for St. Kathrin’s Bell

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  • useful and versatile

    I found the gui to be nice and simple and the sound to be of high quality and inspiring.

    CarlinsBeard27 June 2022