The story

I’m currently working on sampling my Hometown Church Organ, which I played a lot when I was younger.
While recording every single pipe I noticed that the Organ makes an interesting sound when you pull the off switch while holding the keys, so I decided to record a registration using this technique and thats how the Spooky Organ was born.

Notice. The DecentSampler Version doesnt allow to change the starting position of the Sample.


Reviews for Spooky Organ

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  • Out of Tune w Nice Low End

    This is basically a single sound. Nice low end and is out of tune. This would definitely have some niche use for a horror movie.

    James N18 June 2023
  • Now that's an organ with a lot of character!

    After Jonas' other astonishing organ upload, I saw he had another one so I had to try it. And this time, it's a less customizable one, but it surely has character! The sound signature that provides is incredible, and it features an evolving style of sound, with pitch-alteration, glimmers and other ambience effects. Combined with the two well-designed knobs, you almost forget that this is actually an organ.

    The only thing that I felt missing is an Attack-Release setting, which would simply make it absolutely perfect for me. The manual modulation instrument controls unfortunately won't work, but either way, it's an amazing instrument that everyone needs to check out!

    Alex Raptakis25 December 2021
  • Creepy

    Truly weird sounds. I loved the way the notes die, painfully. Turn up the reverb and it hides a lot of poorly played notes as well :)

    Organman25 December 2022
  • Pitch bendy goodness

    This is another super amazing organ. At first i thought "This isn't spooky, its just a great sounding organ". Then i realized if you hold a note of chord it pitch bends down slowly creating this kind of unsettling effect. This is a really cool effect because the chord starts out perfectly intune and then slowly drifts down creating an emotional shift. I do wish there was a patch that didn't have this and could be played more normally but i suppose thats what the other organ patch is for. Off first impressions i think i like the sound of this organ more than the other one but ill have to go back and compare.
    Great job on both

    septemberwalk25 December 2021
  • Truly Horroful

    This one made me smile. You only get one sound this time - but that's fine as it's really a special effect use case. Love the way the pitch and volume decay when the power is turned off. What's great it that the different stops decay in pitch at different rates so there's a real sense of impending doom...

    Mark Lord29 December 2021