The story

Originally inspired by Venus Theory and His lush, lo-fi soundscapes, I decided to create my own instrument that I might use in my workflow. Using some experimental technique of recording sounds and post processing this library was created. Perfect for film scoring and cinematic music. Hope you like it!


Reviews for Some Pads and Stuff

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  • Can we be friends?

    No, seriously, this was the pad sound I have been trying to make with my own synths (even tried with Omniscape) and I just couldn't get it to hit exactly what you have accomplished to do with this. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Dima! Love your work!

    OrdisSalutis77704 August 2023
  • Wow!

    I just love it, great atmosphere and vibe. The kind of sounds that can be enrich many projects

    Andrea03 October 2023