The story

Solar Winds began as a sound design project at the end of 2022. Centered around being large, cosmic, and slightly terrifying, each sample was mixed from a combination of synthesis, found sound, and filtered noise. Several presets also use public domain samples of orchestral instruments. Special thanks to the University of Iowa for providing such wonderful samples into the public domain!

Patch Overview:

01- Deep Space Religion- A blend of my own breath and a synthesized sound created with Surge.

02- Jupiter- A haunting mix of a synthesised choir-like patch, and breath ambience, as well as cello, horn, and bass samples obtained
from the University of Iowa public domain orchestral sample database.

03- Beneath Jupiter- The same patch as “Jupiter” just without horn samples. Produces a bassier rumble in the lowest octave.

04- Overlord Horn- Synthesised sound with light modulation, gregorian vocals made from my slowed voice in the bass.

05- Solar Winds- Haunting noise patch with a “rocket engine” kind of sound. Made by shaping pink noise with a rather strange eq.


Reviews for Solar Winds- Cosmic Horror Textures

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  • Fantastic set of sounds

    Absolutely atmospheric - the filter is great for building to swells. Will use loads for ambience and texture

    maff31 March 2023
  • Unique high end sci fi textures

    These are all great! The first four patches have that highly processed synth sound (you'd associate with sci-fi or space) with just enough of the original sound to give it a really unique texture. However, unlike most instruments in this area, there aren't a ton of phantom harmonics and the processing was done purposefully and minimally (for this type of sound) which gives tones that fit into mixes really well.

    The final patch (Solar Winds) is also great, but very different from the others. It reminds me of the "planet sounds" NASA released (like 7 years ago), but if they were played through a wind tunnel. It's a super cool sound with tons of phantom harmonics. The sound is amazing out of the box if you want it to use it as a more expansive "mimicking NASA videos" sort of sound, I'd recommend reducing the reverb by ~20%. You lose some of the unique character, but get a vast sound. Anyway surprisingly versatile. It makes me want to write some space music.

    smarka23 February 2023
  • great sounds!

    very awesome stuff. reminds me of Blade Runner 2049

    Zeke Hall22 August 2023
  • Awesome!

    I love these projects that use public domain samples. It's a great way to enter the sampling world. I think my favorite patch is "Beneath Jupiter", which is appropriately named for it's low rumble that shakes my room. Your first submission here is very welcome Thank you for this fantastic creation and I hope to hear more from you soon!

    Owen BoligSamplist 24 February 2023