A collection of instruments create modifying sinewaves

The story

Hi everyone. When when we use a synthesizer we’re, in simplest terms, modifying waves of sound. So I’ve been experimenting for a while sampling dozens of sinewaves recorded with several different methods and using them as sound sources to be later modified with the Kontakt engine. This is a group of 15 instruments created from several sinewaves recorded in different rooms in my house, with an AKG C1000, using guitar pedals and a Yamaha SPX 90. Most of the work has been done using the effect section of Kontakt. I hope you like it. Julian The package contains 15 instruments: – Accordion Sine MW controls Delay+Reverb amount – AggresSub MW controls Distortion amount – Bells Sine MW controls Modulation amount – Flute Sine MW controls Modulation amount – Lo-Fi Synth MW controls Sample Rate – Mellotron Flutes MW controls Ambience amount – Mouse Chords MW controls LPF Frequency – Organ Small & Dirty MW controls Chorus amount – Short & Lush MW controls Diffusion amount – Piano Sine MW controls Reverb decay – Piano Octave MW controls Ambience amount – Supersub MW controls LPF Frequency – Vintage Piano MW controls Modulation amount – Wood Vibro Synth MW controls Ambience amount – Woorlee MW controls Modulation amount – Made with Kontakt 6.6.0 –

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  • These are the tones you're looking for

    I've been working on a lofi album and these sounds are right up my alley.
    They're the perfect blend of analogue and digital, and the presets are varied and inspiring all the same.
    The UI while beautiful, provides no functionality. I would have liked to see some creative tools there (ADSR, envelope shaping etc.), however these types of samples are great for experimenting outside of the sampler.

    I'll surely be using this on my project. Thanks.

    rrahim24 May 2022
  • A nice synth library

    A beautiful collection of 15 different instrument patches that sound completely different from each other, while retaining the synthetic sound signature of a sinewave. You don't really have any options presented, but 15 instruments are already a great deal of options. If you liked those, be sure to check the Vol.2 for another 15!

    Alex Raptakis24 January 2022
  • A Nice collection of synth sounds

    This library seems to function kind of like a collection of synth presets, providing synthesized mimics of various instruments such as accordion, bells, etc. There is an effects-level bound to the modwheel, which varies depending on the preset (for example, distortion on one instrument, phaser+chorus sounding kind of like a reverb on another). Another cool thing is that most of the sound modulation from a basic sine wave to the finished sound appears to have been done in-Kontakt (ie. the raw sample wav is just a sine wave), so you can reverse-engineer the sounds / effects chain to get an idea of how the specific sounds are generated.

    Many of the sounds would be great for retro gaming tunes. I got the nostalgic feeling of trying all the presets on a new (old) synth, which was also fun!

    Eamon24 May 2022
  • Synths galore

    This pack, along with vol2 and vol3, make a great collection of synth sounds, all stemming from a sine wave, from rumbling basses to bleeps and bloops and everything inbetween.

    The mod-wheel control is a sensible addition, varying the dominating sound for each of the patches.

    QorbeQ24 May 2022