A collection of instruments create modifying sinewaves...

The story

Hi everyone. When when we use a synthesizer we’re, in simplest terms, modifying waves of sound. So I’ve been experimenting for a while sampling dozens of sinewaves recorded with several different methods and using them as sound sources to be later modified with the Kontakt engine. This is a group of 15 instruments created from several sinewaves recorded in different rooms in my house, with an AKG C1000, using guitar pedals and a Yamaha SPX 90. Most of the work has been done using the effect section of Kontakt. I hope you like it. Julian The package contains 15 instruments: – Accordion Sine MW controls Delay+Reverb amount – AggresSub MW controls Distortion amount – Bells Sine MW controls Modulation amount – Flute Sine MW controls Modulation amount – Lo-Fi Synth MW controls Sample Rate – Mellotron Flutes MW controls Ambience amount – Mouse Chords MW controls LPF Frequency – Organ Small & Dirty MW controls Chorus amount – Short & Lush MW controls Diffusion amount – Piano Sine MW controls Reverb decay – Piano Octave MW controls Ambience amount – Supersub MW controls LPF Frequency – Vintage Piano MW controls Modulation amount – Wood Vibro Synth MW controls Ambience amount – Woorlee MW controls Modulation amount – Made with Kontakt 6.6.0 –

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