Sinewaves Vol.3

The experiment final chapter

The story

Hi everyone, This is the third group of 15 instruments created from several sinewaves. This is a collection made mostly of texture and pad-oriented patches. Recorded in different rooms of my house, with an AKG C1000, using guitar pedals and a Yamaha SPX 90. Most of the process has been done using the effect section of Kontakt. The MW controls the LPF frequency. I hope you like it. Julian The package contains 15 instruments: – Bowed Synth – Calm Low Sine – Corridor Flutes – Devolution – Disturbed – Evolving Distortion – Long Dark Synth – Organ Spacey – Padulant – Quarter Flute – Phrygian – Synth Choir – Ten Files – Warm Sine – Made with Kontakt 6.6.0 –

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  • If this is the final chapter please write a new book!

    I've always been a fan of sine sounds as they tend to work in a variety of contexts.

    While the sounds are relatively simple the programming really brings them alive and adds a lot of character.

    The main downside is the the lack of any controls on the GUI. Adding some basic FX controls and ASDR etc. would make them even more usable.

    invisiblelandscape23 February 2022
  • A great addition to the Sinewave series!

    Another 15 impressive synth pads based on sinewaves! These all are great to explore, which can be very inspiring by itself. You might not see anything in the GUI except for a nice wallpaper, but the modwheel is basically a Low Pass Filter, which is always nice to have.

    Evolving Distortions has got to be my favourite!

    Alex Raptakis14 March 2022
  • A lot with a little

    My favorite patches are "Disturbed", "Evolving Distortions", and "Warm Sine". This is a great selection of pads. I would love to see a collection of sine wave plucks for Vol.4.

    obolig22 February 2022