Sinewaves Vol.2

The experiment continues...

The story

Hi everyone, This is the second group of 15 instruments created from several sinewaves recorded in different rooms, with an AKG C1000, using guitar pedals and a Yamaha SPX 90. To shape the sound I’ve also used the effect section of Kontakt. I hope you like it. Julian The package contains 15 instruments: – Bass Pulse MW controls LFO Rate – Bell Synth Bouncing MW controls the Sustain of the sinewave – Deecs MW controls Chorus amount – Delayed MW controls the Sustain of the sinewave – Drops MW controls the Formant shape – Large Tremolando Vocaloid MW controls Formant shape – Mariimba Sine MW controls Modulation amount – Not My Note MW controls Flanger amount – OOO MW controls Flanger amount – Pipe Synth MW controls Fast Leslie amount – Rhythm-o-Sine MW controls LPF frequency – Rhythmique MW controls Flanger amount – Tidal Sine MW controls Modulation amount – Unstable MW controls LPF frequency – Wait MW controls LPF frequency

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  • Another 15 awesome sine-based instruments!

    After the first bunde of Sinewaves, Julian is offering another 15 very cool sounds of them. This time, you will find some more rhythmic elements on them, with the same good quality and variety. You won't find any extra options to alter the sound, but overall 30 different patches are more than enough. The If you haven't checked out the first volume, be sure to check it out!

    Alex Raptakis24 January 2022