The story

My latest attempt at sampling instruments. This time, the instrument is my old barroque flute. It’s a Yamaha something something soprano flute I played as a kid in school. Again recorded with my phone and messed around with to create interesting patches. Tried giving the UI some love this time, making it a bit 3D.

Barroca Flute Staccato – Self-explanatory, quick version of the normal patch.
Barroca Flute – The normal flute patch. Plain samples, sustained and looping.
Flute Ambiance – Eerie patch. I played the flute in a fluttering manner, and with a bit of reverb it sounds awesome.
Granular Flute – Repetitive patches of flute impacts, granular.
Ocarina Barroca – Sounds like a ocarina, I named it ocarina 🙂
Pulsing Panflute – A mixture between the ambiance and panflute patches.


Reviews for s.f-Barroca

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  • Very interesting as a synth

    Hi and thank you for this instrument! I tried it and, to me, it sounds really good in chords, more as a synth than as a flute. I think I will definitely use it like that.

    Jaime's Tone30 June 2023