Seascapes-sounds from a little printer

A little printer sampled to create interesting seascapes...

The story

After an alcoholic night i felt in love with the sound of my “little printer”, i recorded it’s sound during a copy and i played with it.
The day after i found that the sounds were not bad. So my first Library was born.I worked only with Kontakt fx on two dry sounds.In this library you will find
about 20 sounds.
It’s been really funny and i hope you’ll like it.
I want to thank Christian and Spitfire Audio for creating this amazing space where we can share our creativity and energy.


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  • A good bundle of ambient sounds

    It's not perfect, but you can make it work. Some patches like the Oxygen 1+2 and Echo suffer from noticable noice - not sure if that's intentional though, because the LoFi one has a similar one and I'm sure that's intentional. There is noise in some other patches as well but I bet you won't really notice unless you pay real close attention. The worst part though is that everything seems to be soft panned left, even in the high range. The GUI won't let you do too much. There is just a cuttoff and a resonance knob. The rest are up to you.

    Alex Raptakis17 October 2021