The story

After an alcoholic night i felt in love with the sound of my “little printer”, i recorded it’s sound during a copy and i played with it.
The day after i found that the sounds were not bad. So my first Library was born.I worked only with Kontakt fx on two dry sounds.In this library you will find
about 20 sounds.
It’s been really funny and i hope you’ll like it.
I want to thank Christian and Spitfire Audio for creating this amazing space where we can share our creativity and energy.

Reviews for Seascapes-sounds from a little printer

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  • Really cool ambient sounds!

    There's lots to love about this collection of sounds. These sounds are well recorded, playable, useful, and have some really nice character. These sounds loop in interesting and rhythmic ways, but not in a way that you'd want them to tempo sync. There is some noise in some of the samples. "Echo; and "Lo-Fi Pulse" in particular have a lot of noise, but this is one of those times where it feels pretty organic to me, and doesn't bother me much. Some of the sounds are a little harsh, but there's such a wide variety of sounds here that if one or two aren't your cup of tea, there's still lots to love. In fact, my only real complaint about this library is that it was saved with absolute sample paths. However, I like it enough that I was willing to invest the time to load all of the patches and resave them because I think it will save me time in the future. This is a must-download for me!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 November 2021
  • A good bundle of ambient sounds

    This download offers quite a few patches for you to explore. Some patches like the Oxygen 1+2 and Echo, contain a LoFi kind of noise, along with the obvious LoFi patch, which I'm sure that's intentional.

    There is some slight noise in some other patches as well but I bet you won't really notice unless you pay real close attention with headphones in high volume. I think that the everything seems to be slightly more panned to the left, even in the high range, which you usually don't expect, but it's not that hard to deal with.

    The GUI offers you a cuttoff and a resonance knob, and the rest are up to you and your creativity.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Much to Choose from

    There are a-lot of patches to choose from. Most i find ok to good but there are a fair few here i really love. My favorite is the ocean breathe which is part of the first multi but i don't think comes as an individual nki. It's very cool that these sounds sound so ocean like but were made from a printer. This is what pianobook is all about. I found that many of the sounds didn't have as much sustain as i would have liked and as far as i can tell they all favor the left channel a bit. There are a few patches in here i like a-lot and definitely plan to use. Good job

    septemberwalk29 October 2021