Schulmerich Handbells

Schulmerich handbells recorded with U47 clone running through a Rascal Audio Two-R preamp....

The story

I sampled a set of Schulmerich handbells in the entryway of my house using a U47 clone running through a Rascal Audio Two-R preamp. Each bell was recorded with 3 velocity layers.

I made a video describing the process, including a demonstration of how I might use the sounds in a non-traditional manner. The last 2 minutes of the video feature a performance utilizing the handbell samples, the flute+violin samples from my last video, and my felted Kawai upright piano.

Soundcloud demo –


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  • Nice and warm textured hand bell!

    Nice and warm sound of bells. Higher register has a distinctive bell sound, and the lower register has a little like a cymbal sound.

    Asuka Amane20 October 2021
  • Great Ringers!

    Super well recorded and beautiful sounding handbells. Such a treat to play. This is a truly excellent offering!

    Sam Ecoff18 October 2021
  • Woah!! These are amazing!!!

    I am a handbell and bell ringing myself and woah! These are amazing. Beautifully recorded, however the E3 note only seems to be piano when I play it forte... all the other notes are at the dynamic I play them at but, I am truly blown away by these! Thanks for making the sample set!

    Ben van Alstede14 October 2021
  • Really lovely

    These are gorgeous-sounding little treats, admittedly a little bit one-trick, but layer nicely into stacks of delicate bells and melody parts in my writing

    Conner07 August 2021