The story

While moving a pile of metal scrap several years ago, I found this rusty cylinder and discovered, while moving it, that it had a rather pleasing tone, so I kept it, always intending to turn it into some sort of wind chime, but forgot about it.

Recently I ran across it again and realized I could turn it into a sampled instrument, so here it is.


Reviews for Rusty Chime

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  • Exactly what I needed!! Thank you!!

    Great sound, one of the best chimes I've ever used!

    weslugint05 October 2022
  • Hard to believe

    It's hard to believe this beautiful sound came from that cylinder! The word crystalline comes to mind. Reminds me a bit of Christmas bells as well. Great job my friend! Thank you.

    BirdLegs06 October 2022
  • Rusty Chime

    Incredible work, friend. Beautiful instrument with easy handling and wide timbre possibilities.

    Mauricio Riva Rey08 October 2022
  • Amazing!!!

    This sounds AMAZING! Lawrence!!! Great job!!! I love it!!!

    Jeffrey Price15 October 2022