The story

This is my first attempt at a sample instrument and is as such quite chaotic and idiomatic. I wanted to capture the chaotic, overwhelming and huge sound the saxophone is capable of.

Through a mixture of fast moving notes, harmonics and growling the saxophone is capable of quite sophisticated polyphony. It’s evident in John Coltranes ‘Wall of Sound’ and even more so in Colin Stetson’s huge roaring solo saxophone pieces.

I noticed a lack of sample instruments catering to this sound so set out to create it myself. I’ve learnt a lot from this sampling process (about playing and recording!) and I’m looking forward to creating more experimental woodwind sample instruments.


Reviews for Roaring Saxophone

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  • Very inspiring

    This is a very nice and inspiring saxophone based instrument with a lot of personality. It does actually sounds like Colin Stetson! Congrats nhann25 for your first instrument and thank you for sharing it!

    Stephbcn07 September 2022
  • Very unique and great character!

    Compared to its size, this instrument patch sounds BIG, with incredible textured sax performancings, that you can easily label as "Roaring" as the title suggests. It's a well made instrument full of character and numerous unique sounds based on notes, but they can be quite atonal as well.

    What is even more awesome is that the "roars" are split into different layers that you can fully control, which means you can also automate them and create unique evolutions. Brilliant!

    I'd personally appreciate a slightly more minimal, easier for the eye, background for the GUI, but still it doesn't take away any functionality away. Highly recommended!

    Alex Raptakis07 September 2022
  • Great instrument

    If you're gonna start off your sample instrument journey somewhere, why not make it an absolute cracker.

    This is so grungy, so much movement, so big and yet still melodic. I absolutely love it.

    QorbeQSamplist 27 September 2022
  • Rebel Saxophone

    The sounds are amazing and unique. I love that the different controls allow you to vary the sound so much; these are really helpful and make the instrument very versatile.

    The interface can be improved a lot. Starting with the background image, I think it should be different and have a darker shade to make the controls stand out more. The color of the circular controls on the right definitely needs to be different, I could barely notice they were there. Another point to improve is the location and size of all the controls; if these were larger and centered, the appearance would be significantly improved, looking more premium.

    If we leave aside the visual aspect, the pack is spectacular. I don't know what Christian would say if he tried this resource.

    GuilleDSamplist 25 September 2022