The story

Rhythmic Kalimba.
Not so long ago I became the owner of this wonderful tool. However, one mode of C major was not enough for me, so I decided to incorporate its sound into the Kontakt library. Almost immediately, the idea arose to add an arpeggiator where you could create your own grooves. This is how the Rhythmic Kalimba library appeared, which I want to present to you

To activate the arpeggiator, press the Arp button, it is highlighted in green. In the arpeggiator table, all the functions are available to make your own groove, such as Rate, Swing, Octave and Steps. Thanks to three different velocities, the sound is fabulous and pleasant
The library also has recorded percussion and glissando sounds.

Percussion samples perfectly match the general mood of the library, creating a cozy atmosphere.

The library was recorded on two different microphones, a condenser microphone and a Zoom H4n stereo microphone. Thanks to the Zoom H4n recorder, the sound turned out to be wide and voluminous.
Also, don’t forget to check out the Drum Percussion folder.

I hope you enjoy my library

Stay tuned.




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