Redwood Flute

A beautiful handmade Redwood Flute with a light airy tone.

The story

This instrument is built using samples from a handmade flute built by my father. The flute is made out of California Redwood. The flutes “bird” is made in the shape of a yellow slug in a nod to the Banana Slugs that live in the Redwood forests and can often be found on the trees.

The flute produces a light airy tone. This sounds great as a monophonic instrument but can start to produce an organ-like quality when chords are played (especially when some reverb is added in). The natural tuning of the flue is not equal-tempered so samples were tuned to an equal-tempered scale. There are two round robins and two dynamic levels for variety and realism. The flute was recorded with a close mic as well as a room mic. You can use one or the other or blend between the two depending on the level of proximity you want.

I hope you enjoy!


Reviews for Redwood Flute

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  • Awesome instrument!

    Thank you so much for bringing a woodwind to decent sampler, there aren't many high quality ones like this one. But I would have preferred maybe more control over this flute , an adsr for example but still I love those instruments and for me this one is 5 out of 5.

    ARKAN20 June 2022
  • Really nice wind instrument!

    I really like the tone of the Redwood Flute. The round robins and choice of microphones really makes this instrument shine. A simple but very useful sound that I'm sure many composers here would enjoy.

    Mike Martin13 June 2022
  • A nice simple flute

    This minimal flute patch could be just right for your projects. With a full 2-octave range it plays very well and it features two mic positions and a simple reverb. The two dynamic layers along with the overall programming do a very good job on not making it sound robotic. Overall it's a very simple, yet a very solid flute!

    Alex Raptakis26 June 2022