The story

This is one drumkit from the “Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums” library in General MIDI format. “Dry Clean Stick 3-GM”


(c) 1999 Larry Seyer All Rights Reserved

This copy of the library may be freely distributed from the following URL:

It requires the free Sforzando plugin available here:


Here’s an old Sweetwater article about the original release of this library:–larry-seyer-acoustic-drums

Reviews for POWERkits Dry Clean Stick 3

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  • Sound Great!

    it sounds Great, with a well-balanced sound and an intimate ambience. Good articulations and velocity for any need. Thanks for sharing.

    liecio16 November 2022
  • Great-sounding drums!

    The quality and depth of these recordings is great! Very clear, extremely usable acoustic drum sounds. The kick, snare, tom, and cymbal sounds all sound great, and have a delightful depth of velocity layers.

    I'm particularly fond of the low (octave 0?) F# and G# snare rolls, which can be played together to make an astoundingly realistic drum roll. I could scarcely believe that I was the one playing the sounds I was hearing.
    I also liked the sounds of cymbals being scraped by the drums sticks (also F# and G#, this time in octave 2). A unique sound with a lot of character.

    There really isn't much GUI to speak of, at least in my usage here in the Sforzando player, but getting these sounds with this quality and depth of recording, while still having a high ease of use... I have no problem with that.

    Jake Hendriksen13 November 2022