The story

Myself being a person who’s unable to simply look at a piece of bubble wrap without going up to it and firing off a few pops I wanted to try to bring that feeling into the sampler realm. Realizing early on that simply bubble wrap would provide too limited of a soundscape the sampler grew to include other sampled popping sounds, such as Pop It fidget toys and mouth pops.


Reviews for Pop!

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  • Love some of these sounds!

    I didn't use the GUI, but instead just the samples in my own sampler. I have two of the sounds layered on a full range keyboard, and it's amazing!

    They make for really effective semi-tuned percussion, and layer perfectly with hats. I guess it's a highly specific usage of these, but it's just so easy to add clickiness and tonality with these sounds.

    Seph08 February 2023
  • Peculiar Pops

    I'm completely onboard with the 'fun' of bubble wrap but I'm not convinced of its musicality.
    However I do find the sound which appears on the 5th octave rather pleasing.
    The GUI is nice and bright and cheerful too.
    The fact that the sounds all appear high on the keyboard (I guess due to the original pitch of the samples) is a little odd but not insurmountable.
    I wonder if stretching that 5th octave sound over the whole keyboard might be interesting particularly low down.

    NemoralisMusicSamplist 15 October 2022