Poly Sirin

A Moog Sirin with multiple filters and effects....

The story

Poly Sirin is my first attempt at creating a sample library. My Moog Sirin was sat on my desk and It occurred to me how great it would be if I could play chords with it. Three days later, after starting as a Kontakt and sampling novice, I had the final version ready.

The library was created using Kontakt version 5.8.1. The samples were created using the Auto Sampler plugin within the Apple MainStage software, and have been noise reduced using Izotope RX7.

This represents all four oscillator states, sampled with fully open filter cutoff:
VCO1 Sawtooth
VCO1 Square
VCO2 Sawtooth
VCO2 Square
These are selected on the interface by clicking the relevant buttons. A volume control for each oscillator is provided, along with coarse (semitone) and fine (cent) tuning for VCO2.

An ADSR volume envelope is provided. The Kontakt engine includes a Hold control, which can be accessed at the bottom of the drop down after clicking the wrench to enter Instrument Edit mode. I decided not to include Hold as a parameter on the main interface in order to keep things more simple.

The filter used is the Kontakt LP4 ladder filter, and I have also included a Chorus button so that this can be switched in and out if required, at the default Kontakt settings.

There are many functions of the hardware that were beyond the scope of what I could mimic with my limited Kontakt knowledge, such as filter envelope, LFO and Glide controls. If anyone would like to have a go at adding these, please feel free to edit the script accordingly.


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