Pleyel Felt

A very soft felted Pleyel piano...

The story

This is my second contribution to Pianobook: the Pleyel Felt.
The piano itself was built sometime in the Seventies. It has seen a number of homes and now leads a peaceful life in my living-room.
Due to its small height, the piano serves as a perfect stepping stone for the cats, jumping up to their hiding place, high up on the wall, but it also lacks some bass. Its tonal character is very soft, with little attack, but it really shines in ‚night mode’ – with the felt engaged, which is what I sampled.
I used two AKG C1000s and recorded two dynamic layers, release triggers and pedal noises. I programmed the sample-instrument using David Hilowitz‘s excellent Kontakt template, which allows for realistic behavior of release triggers and pedal noises.
As an extra you get a ‚Sustain‘-knob, which holds the notes for quite some time. It is also possible to play just the Sustains, without the actual notes, great for organic ambient sounds!
I hope the Pleyel Felt is of use to you and I‘d love to hear, what you create with it.
Have fun!


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  • Very interesting resonances

    This piano has quite a character, since it resonates in a way that I haven't heard before. It might be pleasing to some, but others might find it a little bit disorienting. It has a felt sound to it, but it also manages to be dynamic. The white noise in the samples is minimal, but you will likely never notice. The sustain knob doesn't really hold the notes. It actually introduces an extra kind of resonance that sounds like a deep verb with a pad-like sound. The GUI in general offers good options, but as a design tip, the it needs to be a little darker because right now the knobs just blend too much with the bronze-coloured wallpaper, and the font seems very pixelated.

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021
  • Best kind of Old Piano

    This is one of my favorite pianos on Pianobook. It has an old piano sound, but unlike others of its kind has a sort of uncanny sweetness to it. A lot of options to mess with the sound on the GUI as well. might want to turn the sustain down a bit before starting

    ryan weeks14 October 2021