The story

I sampled my Furch acoustic guitar holding the octaves of each note. It has 2 velocity layers and i added some fx making it a bit more playable. With the attack a bit longer, it can sound a little like an organ. Hope you like it.


Reviews for Peter’s Guitavo

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  • Nice and full guitar sound

    This is a very simple patch of a guitar doubled in octaves. There aren't much options except for an attack and release knob, but you don't really need anything else. It has a warm and full sound and the two dynamic layers make it very playable and give it enough power to cut through the mix. Overall very enjoyable to play.

    AndromedaX822 September 2022
  • Guitar octaves

    This is a very simple instrument patch that features 4 octaves of a guitar sound played in... octaves! The two velocity layers make the instrument pop at will, and there are also Attack and Release knobs in case someone needs them.

    You might notice that there is quite a lot of white noise in some of the samples, so it might be a good idea to process it through some kind of noise reduction software like RX.

    Alex Raptakis13 July 2022